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Cecilia Vatera is an expression of ideas. I post my thoughts and inspirations here, in the expectation that those who read it will question and challenge it, pass it to trusted friends and family who will also challenge it, and then explain to me their contradictory thoughts. Please, let this compilation broaden your way of thinking.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

On our Existences

“We are supposed to be here.”
This is what we are meant to do. To read or write or work or fall. We only do things that progress into still more things. Actions continue because of what has happened. Yet it is common for people to feel that they aren’t in a good place, they do something negative, unfavorable. People fall out of sync with nature, create disturbances. But the world turns like a nucleus and the lives and occurrences on it are electrons in constant motion, repelling, attracting, dancing along time. It is self-righteous, overpowering, egocentric to believe that “I have fallen away”. The electrons are stable in our noble gas called earth. You cannot break the system, because every time you hit another event and create unrest, something good will come. It is nothing but your own lack of unity with the world that can convince you that of all of the existences, yours is the only bump in the road that will hurt humanity, terrestriality. So out actions may lead to occurrences, our lives may crash into events; but because of the true nature of earth and its existence, we cannot be blamed for destruction- destruction only leads to regeneration and we are supposed to be here causing it.

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